Oh My Honey 2013 Bridal Collection

We love Oh My Honey 1950s inspired dresses, so when Louise got in touch to ask us if we'd make a film for her new bridal collection, the answer was an emphatic "YES!"

The shoot came together in a wonderfully fortuitous way. Louise stumbled across the venue whilst out on a walk. It's a 12th century barn (12th, really!!) with a handy stock of salvaged theatre lights lying around - perfect for the atmosphere that we wanted to create.

Antonia McKenzie was the model and with Nicky from Pretty Pout's beautiful hair and make up she looked every inch the 1950s starlet.

It was the first time that I'd used my freshly restored 16mm camera in anger, it's a thing of engineering beauty - clockwork with no electronics of any kind. I used it in tandem with my usual Beaulieu Super 8 camera to give a couple of different textures.

I'm really happy with the results, the 16mm shows off the beautiful details of the dresses in a way that super 8 probably couldn't, but it still has all of the filmic loveliness.

Louise's 2013 Bridal Collection is incredibly gorgeous, they're all hand-made from sumptuous fabrics, they look amazing and move beautifully. 'Rebekah' is my personal fave, see the whole collection for yourself here: www.ohmyhoney.co.uk

The track is by Gabby Young and Other Animals, the flowers were provided by Wookie Flowers and the Petticoats are by Petticoats-a-Plenty.

Proudly shot on Fuji Velvia 400t 16mm and Kodak Vision3 200t Super 8 film.

It's not a wedding blog but…

upcyclist.co.uk is full of beautiful, original ideas, many of which we think would work amazingly for weddings.

As you might have guessed, it's all about upcycling - the art of taking something out-of-date or redundant and repurposing it as a useful and/or beautiful new thing.

Think bouquets made from the pages of books, old socks converted into light fittings and recliners made from reclaimed sail-cloth - the possibilities are infinite.

We love it; old objects and materials come with their history etched in every mark on their weathered surfaces. upcycling is the perfect antidote to homogenised, flat-pack sterility: it's sustainable, it's affordable, it's very, very NOW.

The blog is the brainchild of freelance writer and editor Antonia Edwards and she was kind enough to feature us on the blog a few weeks ago. You can see the nice things that she said about us here.

You really should check it out, but beware, it's all too easy to lose quite a few hours pouring over the posts.

Alice & James, 2012

We're just about clinging to the bright Autumnal sun here on the South coast - another sunny day working by the sea for us... sigh...  

...but especially for those of you in greyer climes, here's a little blast of sunshine from those halcyon days of June 2012.

Alice and James's 'Wedfest' themed wedding took place at a picturesque family home in Kent.

It was a joyful, bright and breezy day with all that's best about the illusive English summer - flowers fresh from the from the garden, guests seated on straw-bales and forecast rain that never materialised!

It's hard to match the intimacy of a family-owned venue, everyone was so at ease - chilling out and celebrating together. 

Alice's stunning dress was by Jenny Packham and her bridesmaids were resplendent in blush pink.

We particularly enjoyed working alongside the talented Dasha Caffrey who photographed the day - you can see her incredible pictures here.

Music: The xx - VCR

Shot on Kodak Super 8 film