Nice blog!

There are a mind boggling array of wedding directories and blogs out there, and most of them definitely have a shaped hole in their content.

We've spent hours of our time trawling the internet for some good ones - and they seem to be quite hard to find!

Many want me us to add reciprocal links to them on here or pay them lots of money to be featured. The worst thing about them is that they don't seem to care if what we're offering is any good - there's no review process or feedback.

One lovely site that bucks the trend is:

It's a pretty, worthwhile site and everything on there is there because it's nice!

Super 8... Mon Amour

We're very excited to be featuring in "Super 8... Mon Amour" a French "Fantasy Documentary" about Super 8, told from the point of view of a camera.

It was made by the fantastically charismatic (and très, très, Francais) Remy Batteault - congratulations Remy!

We can't wait to see the full version (hopefully with subtitles), although we're somewhat dreading our own appearance. You can check out the trailer below:

Bande annonce : Super 8... mon amour ! by dariusthecat

Sticking with the French theme, we're off to Nice for the Rencontres film festival this weekend - hooray!